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Federation of Anti-Corruption Teams India (FACT INDIA) is a non-profit organization founded by Dr.N.Sethuraman along with Late Dr.M.S.Udhayamoorthy on 31st January 2009 with the aim "To transform India into a corruption free nation and ensure peaceful and harmonious life to all". Now FACT INDIA is functioning with 126 network members and 1200 volunteers all over Tamilnadu.

The Poor and middle class are victims of Corruption and Bribe.

With the tireless efforts of FACT India, The Right to Information (RTI) Act 2005 has reached the oppressed and marginalized. It bridges the gab between act and Enforcement in everyday life of a common man. FACT India, with the support of hundreds of generous donors like you, has helped many a poor, to get their basic amenities. Hundreds of poor and marginalized striving against government offices have been helped to avail their basic livelihood facilities.

The poor often are unable to access and enjoy their entitlements and privileges offered by the government due to corrupt practices of government officials and middlemen. Basic government facilities are blocked from the very people they are meant for. Corruption has made it difficult even for NGO's to work effectively among the poor.

FACT India understands that facilitating the poor to get their rightful dues is the way of poverty reduction. The students are also educated on ways and means to lead a sustainable life.

The poor and common man is often unable to understand the complicated and elaborate procedure and systems of government for getting facilities. Even for those able to follow the procedures, corruption in high places makes it difficult even for those who understand the procedures. FACT India helps people get due rights.

FACT India has helped many a hundreds to take action on police complaints, speed up their court orders and help to settle many legal disputes. Apart from that it has voiced on 'removal of encroachments', from ponds, rivers, waterways, forest, etc.

More than thousands of training and workshops conducted all over Tamilnadu on RTI Act-2005. OOZHAL OLIPPU SEITHIGAL, IRANDAM SUTHANTHIRAM, ZERO Rupee note, Handouts, books on Corruption are regularly published by FACT INDIA. So many RTI applications filed and exposed the corruptive practices of government officers.

Major scamps investigated, documented and fixed the concern through honorable court. Mr.C.Selvaraj, General Secretary, FACT INDIA, a noted RTI Activist leads FACT INDIA now.